Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hi all and my blog

Well here we go....

A bit about my short lived (so far) poker career. Well i have started at the bottom playing freerolls , £2 Mtt's , and the occasional £5 & £10 Stt's. I have had some decent success at these levels and my finest moment so far came a few weeks ago when i won the £3k Gtd . I had hit the final table a couple of times but to win it was nice , not just for the cash but to know i could win.
I have been playing the occasional £10k Gtd (When i win a £2.70 satt to qualify that is)
Last Sunday i got 6th from a field of over 500 which was very satisfying.

My main aims for 2006 and onwards have to be realistic and they are as follows

a) Keep making a smallish (for now) profit , whilst playing within my limits.
b) Win either the 10k or 15k Gtd tournaments
c) Finally get myself to a casino and play live for the first time.

This blog will hopefully be an interesting and humourous path as i strive to achieve those aims.
See you at the tables