Monday, May 06, 2013

Broke a few of my PokerStars Records tonight

Most Chips ever... 36 million !!!!

First PokerStars Final Table

Deepest Result

All in all not a bad night. 4 or 5 tournaments. Cashed in 3 of them.
The $1 rebuy got me over $315 back. Went out in the end on a flip AQ beat my 99.
But no complaints it was fun.

Hadnt played for ages and only did so because its a Bank Holiday Monday.
Hope everyone out there doing ok.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hola - Summer, Footy, Hols and Stufff

Hallo anyone still checking this blog out.
Its been a long time and its also been difficult to find the time to post never mind hit the tables.
As you will have seen from previous posts i spent my hols in Spain. I had booked in advance and was due to come back the week before the World Cup Final but with England doing crap and the chance to extend stay for next to nowt (Flight change was only £20) i thought sod it. Stay and be a true Spanish supporter on World Cup Final night.

Absolutely mental is pretty much the way to describe it. In the old town a giant screen was erected (phnarr, phnarr) near the bull ring and thousands descended to watch the game in a party atmosphere that was no doubt recreated all over Spain.

When Iniesta scored it was chaotic and the scenes around were a joy to witness. Hopefully will see it for real one day in England but i doubt it. Also whilst i was in Spain i turned 40 and we had a party in the local chinese as the majority of expats and residents joined us into the early hours of the morning.

When i got back i had my 2nd birthday celebrations as me and my mates headed down to Doncaster for the weekend. We were originally going to York but there was a big race meeting on and we couldnt get all 12 of us booked up in hotel so decided another venue. Doncaster was picked (as a lazy option purely as its the next train stop after York) and despite most people i asked saying they didnt fancy it or wouldnt go back it turned out to be a cracking weekend.

I then got back to work and get used to the rain and the cold again. One cold rainy morning and i thought sod this and booked back up to go back to Spain again so ended up going there for another couple of weeks at the end of August.

Got back again in England and for the final birthday celebrations of the year (for those that werent in Spain or Donny) we spent the Sunday before August Bank Holiday on an all day session in Low Fell and a good day was had.

Since then its been pretty much work and more work. Used up a lot of annual leave and a couple of favours so the odd weekend has been spent at work too. Also because im doing dayshift at the moment (8-4) i cant play poker still stupid o'clock and get up fresh in the morning so i neglected the old online world for a bit. I also had a few dates with an ex girlfriend so the one day i could have a lie in the next day i wasnt playing poker. But as much as shes a nice girl its not something i want to commit to long term.

Anyways why back. Well for one looking to fill some time in. The dieting went absolutely during the summer. Beer and Pizza and Steaks arent good so have rejoined WeightWatchers. This time im also doing the gym and have found this to be a useful combination as at present ive lost 32 lbs in 5 weeks. Ok lot to lose and first bit going to come off quick its a nice start.

So Gym and WW along with footy fills a bit of time in but im now only going to go out once a week max. Also learning Spanish at a college on Tuesday nights so need to have fun again that doesnt involve eating or drinking so poker is back on the agenda for those cold dark winter nights. Still not sure where to play as havent found a new spiritual home since Crypto finished.
I also have to rebuild the bankroll as it subsidised the summer. But its small stakes fun rather than living the dream so will see how it goes.

Im out the loop with recent goings on in the poker world. Does anyone still play, most colleagues or mates i talk to tend to have not bothered for a while. Is the game getting harder to beat or are people just chucking it more for there sanity. It is nice to have a break and hopefully playing fresh and for fun it will be a buzz again.

Re the Gatsby awards as said im out the loop a bit so going to have a nose around and see whats been going down and maybe post them later in the week. But for now im off to the tables to see if i can min wage for an hour or so :)

Good luck and thanks for reading and i do promise to update more now that im back.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow is falling all around us

and the country grinds to an effing stop.
God help us if we lived in Russia or Northern Canada.
Done very little as
a) work has been manic
b) been redecorating the flat

So the poker has suffered. I did play the £75 (+£7.50) game on the 4th December having qualified by winning the Jolly Miller pub league. A definate experience. Picked my football coupon and made my way to the Circus.

The other seat winner, Wayne, turned up and we thought it would be good preparation to hit the Fosters lager. We decide to split all winnings 50% each. Checking my coupon at half time and 5 of the teams are at least 2 goals up and the 6th is 0-0. (Mansfield at home to Grays) We get started on the poker and its a disappointing turn out. About 55-60 were expected but 38 was all that turned up. But Circus as ever added 500 in the pot so £3,350 to be played for.

1st hand i get 36o utg and fold . Second hand i get QQ in the Big blind.
Utg limps. Button raises , i reraise. Utg folds and button reraises.
I sit there wondering what the hell to do . Am i walking into bullets or is it an AK and im racing.
Dunno whether 2nd hand or fear of being first out so i tank and then fold. He shows 1 ace but does admit to having other.

Get JJ about 20 mins later on the button. Utg raises , next to act goes all in so i fold. Another caller and we end up with a 3 way all in (although one of them was very low) AA vs QQ vs AK
Bullets hold up but i would have hit a Jack on the turn. FML !!!!

Dunno if i pissed the poker gods off but having being dealt QQ and JJ i didnt get another pair for 3 hours. But it could have been worse. Circus regular called Joe , turns up late and buys in. He joins our table and first hand is all in. KK vs KK . 4 spades on the board give the other guy the nut flush. Sick beat and quickest exit imaginable.

Mansfield drew 0-0 (missed a pen and then in injury time smacked the bar) so worthless bit of paper rather than £400. Our table breaks and i end up on the same table as a manic gambler called Osemi (sorry if wrong) He has a monster stack and is gambling for fun.

In the space of 12 mins he busts 7 players and 3 of those were in 4 hands whilst i was sat there
74o vs AK all in pre
73o vs AQ all in pre
64o vs JJ all in pre

Totally card dead and im trapped as people are raising before me and he is reraising all in every hand. Eventually with 18 left. I Figure AQ in the cut off is ahead of his range. Unfortunately Small blind reraises all in too. Loon duly calls with trash and its my AQ vs AK vs 89
25k pot for the taking and the chance to get back in but im drawing thin
672 flop looks like giving him another lucky draw but then i hit my Queen on the turn.
King on the river kicks me out though. 5.5 hours to get halfway and my footy bet down the swannie too.

I go and have a couple of pints and come back to watch the loon knocking players out quickly. We get to the next break and then we have our final 10. My 50% of Wayne is still alive but only 9 get paid. The play is so slow as no one wants to bubble. So they suggest taking £100 off the winner to give to 10th.

That seems to loosen the action and within 10 mins of the restart there are only 8 left.
We lose a couple more players and talks of a deal start. Chip leader is reluctant to deal but he slowly blows his stack and its him that leaves next.

I look at prize pool and jot some figures down at break. Wayne and another guy are chip leaders so i suggest £590 to them two. £490 to the other three and play out for £100.
Everyone agrees to that and 2 players quickly leave. With 3 fighting it out for nearly 2 hours for the final £100 everyone is knackered by the end but 10 hours after the start its over and the Jolly Miller has been well represented again with the league winner taking it all down.
I said that i would take £290 and leave £300 to Wayne and then if he won the other £100 then only fair he kept it. Thats how it panned out.

So i didnt win anything and my football betting is cursed but swapping % 's is the dogs bollow.
Won £30 on the blackjack and nice to go home and wake up with a massive profit.
Great game and well advised for anyone local to give it a go. Circus also do a £50 first Tuesday of the month game with £500 added so get yourself along.

Because of work and decorating thats about my poker lot. Didnt even make it to the Miller for the Thursday games. Will hopefully be there Boxing day though. So thats it for now. New post in the New Year for 2009 Gatsby awards so to finish i would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a profitable New Year.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Interview with Teamdobb - NPF 2009 Champion

Today im interviewing Dave Collins. The man behind the Teamdobbs blog and of course the Newcastle Poker Forum (NPF) . After a fantastic victory last month at the circus casino he is now the 2009 Newcastle Poker Forum Championship Winner

Hello Dave and thank you for your time. A lot of people will know you as TeamDobb but lets find about the player and the person. Firstly when and how did you first get into poker and where does TeamDobb come from ??
I first started playing poker after catching my 15 year old son online and asking what he was doing. Turns out he was actually playing poker. I soon downloaded WillHill and playing free money under the table name 'deeirun'. I soon got bored with this as being a gambler, the lure of winning money was too strong. A few Saturday afternoon freerolls later and initial success convinced me the road to riches had been invented and my first cash deposit was made. It took no time at all to be £200 down and then a £2 multi table tournament win gave me a + bankroll.

At the time, I was involved with a good friend of mine betting on football which we were very successful at losing. I thought I better not let him miss out on this chance and told him about this exciting game called poker I had been introduced to. He was soon online himself playing under the name of 'Monacokev' and within a very short period of time the wins started pouring in for both of us (Monacokev has since changed his name to the well known 'Azimut').

The name Teamdobbs was born so simple. I had branched out when I was brave enough into the world of live poker playing Friday nights mainly at the Grosvneor Casino in Newcastle where I met and became very close friends with a young lad called micky “Gyposdog” Chisholm. Each week at the Grosvenor the winner of the multi tournie was given a card marker which we named as " Dobbers " Banter began with us as to who had the most dobbers and from there we chose players who had the same sense of humour and who in our opinion were good lads cos as we all know the game is full of up their own arse wankers. The Grosvenor then on our request decided to have a " Team " event challenge and from their we selected 8 good lads ( not necessary the best 8 players ) who would form Teamdobbs. The crack this created was unreal as week after week we dominated tables with crack which no others could compete against.The prestige of being selected in Teamdobbs has now stuck with these players and the bond has remained. We now have settled at a 10 strong group

Also as well as actually playing poker you also run along with your son . How did this come about and are you surprised at the way it has taken off and is the main forum in the region and also talked of nationally
I was quite an active member on another poker forum when my son S2C suggested we start our own forum to promote local poker in the North East. I thought this was a great idea as basically the local scene was governed by the 3 Casino venues which seemed intent on cutting each others throats instead of working sensibly together. Players also lacked a lot of free information what was available and so S2C put the technical side of it together and I basically become the gob shite/front man for it and we set about promoting it. What really kick started it off and got it noticed was when we did live coverage of the GUKPT in Newcastle to follow and give the local players attention which paid off massive when local lad Ganesh Rao took down the title and that final table 3rd place finisher was no other than the now famous and WSOP Main Event Final Tabler James Akenhead.
A couple of team games played in Blackpool in AWOP & APAT events then really launched the forum into the poker scene and its simply grew and grew with the backbone of the forum based on people enjoying themselves and having good crack at games. Biggest thing that has came out of the forum is the amount of close friendships that have been formed and no matter what game you attend now in Newcastle you can go in knowing you will meet someone from the NPF and have someone to talk to instead of entering into sometimes intimidating surroundings.

How would you describe your playing style
I would deffo describe my game as TAG which has developed over the last 18 months into a more all round game with a few surprises from time to time. A lot of players have me tagged in the rock category group!!! which I like them to think.

Live or Online and where is your favourite regular place to play poker and what sort of level
Deffo 100% live for me. Online don’t do it for me and I actually hardly play any online games anymore apart from forum games now. A lot of my live game is based on feel for people and their body language which gives away so much info from so many players. I play all the 3 casinos in Newcastle dependant on what games are on but I was a huge Grosvenor casino fan mainly because of the crack and homely atmosphere a crowd of us created in there but that seems to have changed now due to what I can only describe as blind/poor management at the higher levels of head office. Stanley Circus have deffo took the bull by the horns and without doubt is the best ran card room in Newcastle now. It also is very active and supportive in working with the NPF to help everyone.

Where is the most exotic place you have played poker.Any famous encounters or story of a famous player or personality.
Most exotic place Ive played was St Kitts in the Caribbean Poker Classic but obviously Las Vegas is thee place to play especially during WSOP period. Been there last 3 WSOP and obviously because of that have met and spoke to loads of famous “named” players. Last year we got our own actual interviews with players like Jennifer Harman & Greg Raymer who we even got to join the NPF and one night going up to my room in the Bellagio totally pised after making 2nd day of the Seniors Event
I had forgot my room number and was sitting at a table on the telephone to reception trying to get my details when the lift door opened and Phil ivey came walking out fiddling with his phone. Alreet Phil I shouts “Yea man you?” he replies and goes into his room at the end of our corridor. So surreal. Also had Doyle Brunson bump his scooter thing into my leg in the queue at a burger bar in the Rio and was stood at the urinal having a piss during a break in the Rio with Mike sexton on my left and Jesus Ferguson on my right. I didn’t notice which one was the biggest!!!!!!

Love to see them pocket Aces get dealt but apart from them have you a favourite starting hand. Of course if its not AA its KK

Do you have a particularly unlucky starting hand that you dislike
No not really. I think that’s crazy tbh when you hear people saying that and its normally them that have played them bad in a certain situation.

Do you go with the opinion that live or online its harder to win consistantly than it was say 5 years ago and if given the choice would you at your current age like the poker world set back 5 years or would you like to be starting out as a young internet player.
I think the game has moved on so much and with so many more people playing theres so many excellent players out there. Still plenty of awful players mind who simply don’t seem to ever improve no matter how long theve played. I think the online game has totally changed and theres deffo a different game and approach needed to conquer the big online games. A lot of top top onliners out there and at the NPF we have one in Tom “Hitthehole” Middleton who I rememeber chasing me around Aspers one night asking about the NPF and did I have a card with details on. He is now in the top group on online MTT players in the UK and I reckon next year will become the number 1. Hes also a cracking lad to go with it with no big ego or edge about himself and keeps his feet firmly on the ground and is realistic about the ups n downs of poker. I also think its what you put into it or how much effort your prepared to do. Have a few friends who make a very good return from online poker but they have and still do put an awesome amount of time into it and have spent endless hours developing and improving their games and knowledge over the years.

What advice would you give to someone reading this article that wants to start playing poker but has never yet taken the step. Also what game in what cardroom in Newcastle would you recommend for a first time live game for a novice or beginner
Simple answer for this one – join the Newcastle Poker Forum (NPF)
and ask away what you want to know. Youll be pleasantly surprised at the response you get

I like forums and blogs but Ive never read a poker book or got tracking software or watched coaching devices. Would you advise someone to use these external poker aids or do you think there is no substitute for playing hands and gaining experience.
Cant buy experience, you’ve simply got to gain it over time but a lot of new players now gain so much experience so quickly by playing so much and so many hands online. As for tracking software – well if I was playing volume online, cash or large outlays per month on games then I thing it’s a must nowadays tbh but its too hi tech for an old timer like me to learn plus I play poker for different reasons than that

What is your biggest poker success to date ?
Won most of the games around the local scene at one time or another including the £200 Grosvenor specials and had a decent finish in the Circus £100k gtd in Birmingham but I suppose my biggest success would be deemed as finishing 97th from nearly 3000 runners in the Seniors event of this years WSOP. Winning the NPF Forum league at Grosvenor over 12 weeks for a main event GUKPT seat gave me a lot of pleasure but obviously my win last weekend by winning the NPF Championship has to be my biggest success in terms of what it meant to me and the respect that goes with it around the local North East Poker scene

What are your remaining poker ambitions.
I would love to take down or even final table one of the UK major tournaments like the GUKPT or DTD or Coral but simply take it as it comes to be honest. Obviously making final table of a WSOP event is the ultimate and hopefully can go that bit deeper in the WSOP Seniors Event of 2010 in Las Vegas. I play poker mainly for the social aspects that go with it and don’t get too intense with the need to prove anything to anyone or to win X amount of money. I play to a very controlled bankroll and don’t get carried away by it at all and as yet have never had a losing year financially by playing poker for which I keep very accurate records of what I play even though they are not great amounts of money.

Welcome to a magic stt . There are 9 seats and your place is reserved.What other 8 players living or dead, Pro or celeb would you like to join you for a one off game
I havnt really got any “famous” or “named” players that I would really get excited about as there just normal people anyway. Id sooner have a table full of interesting and funny people with good crack playing in a relaxed atmosphere. One player who I did play on the same table with in the CPC was Jesper Heugar (KipsterDK on Stars) who has won bracelets both sides of the Atlantic and the Poker Stars Millions twice online. Thing that impressed me most about this guy was he had no huge ego about him and treated everyone at the table with the utmost respect. Really nice guy.

Back to the NPF - Who is the best live player and the best online player and who would you predict to make a major breakthrough in 2010.
Wow such a difficult and personal question as to be honest theres so many at the NPF. I think the forum has been a fantastic tool especially for the younger players to get so much help and information and to improve much quicker. Tom “HittheHole” Middleton has obviously got to be considered the best online player that features a lot at the forum due to the results hes had. As for live its horses for courses depending on the type and structure of game it is but most of my Dobba crew would he very high up my list.
Myself and Cardguard are considering staking a couple of the younger lads into some bigger buy in comps next year so watch out for Spoona & Samj and Im sure players like Buzz & Omahaha could have a big score very soon.

I have heard that the former WSOP Main Event Champion Greg "The Fossilman" Raymer had not only joined the forum but he had also sent a letter enclosing some items for your charity raffle. How did that all come about
That is indeed true. Myself and Mr Entertainment were both out in Las Vegas this year for the WSOP when Mr E asked Greg to do a video interview for us which he kindly did and followed that up by leaving him a card and to our surprise the guy took the time & effort to actually join. We followed this up with a few emails and Mr E then asked him if he could donate anything to a Bobby Robson Charity function we are hoping to put together next year and the Fossilman duly obliged by sending us a box of signed goodies and a lovely letter with it. Simply proves what a true gent the guy is.

As well as the serious play there seems to be a lot of good advice and a very big social scene with festivals and forum games. Some of these must be a nightmare to organise but when i turned up to rail the NPF Championships it all appeared to run like a dream.Who else is part of the team at Bannisters HQ (the nerve centre of NPF)
Having the right people doing the right jobs is a key to a lot of things and the thing with the NPF is its full of such big characters and genuine people theres always someone willing to lend a hand or get involved, all you got to do at most times is ask them. NPF wouldn’t operate without my son S2C who although a very quiet and un assuming type of lad is really the brains and driving force of what goes on. Cardguard is another massive person involved behind the scenes together with Mr Entertainment & Dreamdobb. Looseman & Koyte are always willing to get involved with help on anything we do and Walkers Sensations team captain Gaz Walker does a lot on the photo side of the forum. Early days one member who was very much a driving force in pushing the forum forward was Phil “Phlmc” McNally and Dave “Smoggie” Grayson does a great job with some of the online stuff & league. To be honest theres so many people who would do most things if you asked them as was proven at the recent NPF Championship.

On the subject of humour.
What is the funniest thing you have heard at the table when playing live.
Too many to list from too many people but I do like the humour brought to the tables by the likes of Faetzy, Sean McGuiggan, Bob the Gob and Ridla. One incident I do remember years ago was after being out at a function I took in the £5 rebuy tournie at the Grosvenor on a Wednesday night for newbies. Drunk as a skunk I was very verbal n loud due to the drink and on my table was a girl with a pink fluffy jumper on and huge boobs. Was very obvious she was a new player and in the 1st level of the game at 25/50 she pushed all in on a 455 flop to which everyone folded. I asked her what she had and she flipped over 55 for quads. Wow why did you push all in I asked her. Her reply came back “ I was worried incase someone hit the straight” You may not be the best player on the table pet but you’ve deffo got the best boobs was my response!!!

Also what is the funniest thing you have seen on the forum. There seems to be a bit of an NPF YouTube section happening. Whats the best video on there ?
We love setting up and doing crazy things and by the time you probably print this we will have launched our next video at the forum which Im sure the members will love. The original “NPF Anthem” My way was great followed by Bohemejean which was great fun to do but the best video ever done by us has got to be Dreamdobbs copy cat video of Stavros Flatley. One of the funniest things Ive ever seen. I defy anyone to watch that and not laugh at it.

There also appears to be a very strong loyal team bond between different sections. I have heard about Dobbas, Radgies, Crisps, Cubs (please fill in any ive missed)Whats all this about. Are people headhunted or is there a yearly draft and what are the qualities required for the different teams. Will i get signed up or should i stay Independant / Miller local
I explained earlier how Teamdobbs was formed and the reasons then when the NPF was launched we entered into a couple of Team Events putting teams in from the forum. This created others to form teams and it simply grew from there. Most of the teams at the forum are groups of people with similar interests and who have became friends because of it. Its all friendly banter and makes for creating a great atmosphere at tournaments. We like to be vocal and involved. I reckon you’ve deffo got a lot of Radgie qualities to be honest Gatsby so maybe have a word with Radgie number 2 Koyte

It must be nice to win any tournament but to come through such a quality field as you did when winning the NPF championships it must be such a buzz. To win any tournament you have to get a little moment of luck . What was yours. Once you had the chip lead when did you start to really think that you were going to win. Was there ever a moment where you thought about laddering up the pay scale or was it all about the victory
You cant win a tournament without luck happening sometime during the game and mine happened in a 3 way all in pot when I was pot committed after open raising for 2 others to ship all in. My hand Ace 10 was obviously going to be totally dominated and it certainly was when AK & AQ were flipped. Flop didn’t help much coming J27 but turn gave me the 9 for the gutshot and the miracle 8 came down on the river. Some decent hands holding up then gave me a decent playable stack and the hand that then turned my tournament on its head was winning a massive pot with AA to give me the chip lead going into day 2. Never lost the chip lead ever during day 2 and although Im not used to having huge stacks I thought I played my stack spot on especially on the final table and my only thoughts were for the win. The money was secondary to be honest without wanting it to sound bad. Becoming NPF Champion meant far more to me than the money and the respect that goes with it. Couldn’t of wrote the script any better with how the event went and how I played.

I read that there were a couple of charity sweepstakes and a few side bets flying around. Because of you running the forum and being a bit more well known and high profile a few people backed you to win the tournament outrightWas it a messy book ? Obviously a few other high profile players might have been backed too but i guess there was a % of the field that no one had as they may not know them as well as they know you ?
Yes myself and Cardguard offered to provide a book for placing bets on as another feature of the event with a large % of any winnings going to be given to a charity of our choice. From all the bets taken there were only 2 or 3 players who could cause us any real trouble with me being one of them. One person had £50 on me at 20/1 which skint us BUT an announcement will be made soon about this when Ive spoken to the person concerned because hes offered to do something rather special for the forum with his returns.

I joined the Circus on that day and having played a game there i found the obvious time difference one of the biggest transitions. So for a 2 day competition like you won what is the difference in preparation. Do you have a routine or did it go out of the window because you were helping with the organisation of it all.
I wanted to be physically & mentally prepared for this game but Ill be honest in that it all went out of the window due to certain things. But hey ho it worked although it did take me quite a few days to recover as I felt totally drained after it all. I am getting on you know being 53

What (apart from your game) do you bring to the table. Any mascots ? Good luck charms ? Ipods ? Sunglasses ? Energy Drinks
Odd time I will bring an ipod but only use it if I feel Im getting bored or the crack on the table is shit. I am slightly supersticious and decided to wear a Poker stars cap turned back to front in the NPF Championship which is a trademark of Mark Trett. After his success in the recent Teeside Coral Masters I was hoping for the same sort of result. I once bought a lucky Irish 4 leaf clover cardguard when I was in Las Vegas which wasn’t very lucky so I gave it away and Xenocode has got it. Sorry Gary

Whats the immediate future poker plans for yourself and the forum. Are there any more games like the forum championships planned. Having seen at first hand the NPF championships unfold im tempted to play myself next year. It looked a lot of fun.
May play a couple of events at the GUKPT Blackpool coming up and then the lads in Teamdobbs are taking part in the Grosvenor team event.
As far as the NPF are concerned we shall be sending a team down to the APAT Team Event in Manchester which is a superb event to play in especially for the crack and then the next event we shall be organizing will be our UK Team Event Challenge which was such a huge success last year at Grosvenor Casino Newcastle followed by our birthday game & awards in April.

Last month saw the crowning of a new WSOP main event champion.What do you think about the whole November 9 scenario.Do you think its better to draw it out and hype the television and of course give the 9 time to get sponsorship and of course as some of them have done seeked coachingor should it be played naturally in July the day after the FT bubble.
I was always in favour of it being played to a conclusion but can understand the reasons why they do it like they do now. Met most of the Hitsquad lads at various games and had Sunny Chatta on my table couple of years back in the GUKPT in Newcastle and was talking to him at the WSOP this year. They were over there now supporting James Akenhead which must be awesome. Been massive for UK Poker what they have done and achieved.

Thank you very much for your time Dave. As todays guest would you now award your own December Ukgatsby Blog awards


TEAMDOBB for winning the
NPF Championship


TEAMDOBB for winning the GUKPT Freeroll


NEWCASTLE POKER FORUM for being head and shoulders above the rest


SANDRA & NATALIE COLLINS (My Wife and My Daughter)
The 2 most important women in my life


The Brain Child behind the Newcastle Poker Forum who keeps it at the forefront of the Poker Community and provides so much pleasure for so many local people


for actually choosing John & Edward in the X Factor but also the rest of the judges on the show who simply cop out on any logical decision in the obvious money generated rigged voting system thats the true heart behind the show

Friday, November 13, 2009

Live Poker

Been playing a bit of pub poker. More the beer and social aspect but of course to get used to handling the cards and the chips. Its a tad different for someone who has played online for nearly 4 years but hadnt played a hand live.

Anyways couple of minor cashes and it paid for the entry and the beer. So happy days.
I then think maybe i should give it a go at a proper card room within a casino and it just so happened that the Newcastle Poker Forum (NPF) were having their forum championship game. 100 of the best players in Newcastle and surrounding area taking their seats in a £50 freezeout.

I decided in the end that a 2 day event with a £50 buy in was probably a bit extreme for my live debut so i gave it a miss but did turn up 3pm on the Sunday to rail and have a couple of pints.
Low and below the tournament was won by TeamDobbs who had organised it all

They also had a £20 bounty game on the Sunday to run alongside the main event so i took a chance in that and bust just before the final table. After a few more pints and i decide to enter the 8:00pm . £20 entry with 1 rebuy or add on. I drift through the first couple of hours on average chips and then after the add on period i double up with KK vs AK (Ace would have dropped had it been online !!!!) I also get a few nice bluffs in as i cement my tight image.

We get to 2 tables left by about 1am. 5 hours and still not near the bubble. My stack is starting to dwindle as its a raising jungle and i now have 2 of the best players in the casino on my table. Ali who they call a god around here and Russ the suit. My fortune then suddenly takes a turn for the best. I get dealt KJs on the BB. Button raises and small blind makes up the action and i decide to flat call. Flop comes a rainbow KJ3. Button raises and Small blind pushes all in.
I snap call my remaining 12k and the button throws away QJ. Cards on the backs and im up against K3 . No 3 and ive got a nice pot

I then start bluffing a bit more but my image is then blown apart. I have 53c on the button and raise it 2.5 times. Small blind calls and BB folds. Flop is AKK and i raise again and the other player folds. As i throw my cards away the dealer is moving the button and he catches them and exposes them. It actually works to my advantage though as 2 hands later I get AKh on the small blind. I look early as they are dealt and as its folded to me i push all in. The big blind asks if i even looked at my cards so i take a look and say i have now. He insta calls with AJ and i double up. We then have 2 players eliminated on the other table to take us to the bubble with 11 left.

After what seems ages they decide to take £30 off the winner for 11th place and that seems to speed things up. 10 mins later im on my first live casino final table.. With over £500 to the winner down to £65 for 10th im guaranteed a profit for the day.

We lose our first player when the NPFs Bob The Gob busts out but he cashed and managed to finish the plate of sandwiches so seemed happy enough. With 8 left the local god Ali pushes all in with A8 on the button. I call from the small blind with TT and take him out. A cash and a major elimination. We get down to 6 left then at 3.30am after 7.5 hours it ends.

QQ in mid i raise. The small blind calls. and the big blind raises. I push and the sb gets out the way. The BB flips over KK and im gone. Maybe i could have found a fold but just one of those things and i wanted the double up. I got £100 for 6th and 5th only paid an extra £15.
One hell of an experience and one im keen to repeat.

I also dont know if its because ive played a bigger competition but since i have played at the casino ive played the pub game twice at the Miller and both times ive chopped it when heads up.
So my last 3 live games have brung over £300 in combined prize money. Mammoth returns for a little £2 online fish :)

Going to the Grosvenor tomorrow to play the NPF team game so will report back on my day at Newcastles other cardroom. On the subject of all things NPF and Newcastle. I said they had their forum game well Teamdobbs will be guest hosting the Gatsby awards for November and will answer the interview questions i have set. I might make it a regular feature and try and get into the mindset of different players.

Anyways thats it for now. Good luck and thanks as ever for reading.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What A Difference 13 Years Makes !!!

20th October 1996
Newcastle 5 - 0 Man Utd
(Peacock, Ginola, Ferdinand, Shearer, Albert)

20th October 2009
Scunthorpe 2 - 1 Newcastle

As the fans sang (as they do every match these days) to Mike Ashley..

"You fat bastard, Get out of our club"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quiet Week

Very little poker, even less alcohol, Lots of cooking healthy shite and preparation for future meals. If i eat any more pasta i swear i prob start talking Italian (cue all the cockneys saying it would be easier to understand than Geordie)

Been off the cigs now for nearly 9 months so its time to totally hit the fitness, hence the healthy eating and future exercise. Well moderate exercise anyways, taking it slowly and all that.
Watched part of the Great North Run on television on Sunday and it was such a buzz seeing 52,000 do the annual 13 and a bit miles that is Newcastle to South Shields.

Not really motivated to do it as believe it or not i have done it 3 times before.
Once as a fit 19 year old where done it easy with minimal training
Once as fittish 23 year old although we did stop and have a few pints on the way (pound coins in the sock wasnt healthy or clever - anyone ever thinking of doing same. call in pub before hand and pay in advance)
Other time was 26 , still reasonably fit but was running with serious runners and i burnt out too early and ended up hitting the wall and walking the last couple of mile.

What i would like to do one day is the London Marathon. Just to say id done it. One of my mates dads used to do it all the time. He made a bloody fortune for charity too. Its one thing passing the form around work and stuff its another doing the race, then paying for a flight back and getting back home in time to go round local pubs with the bucket.

So thats maybe what i aspire to , a Marathon running god
ok maybe not just fit , overweight rather than fat haha

Im wondering whether increased fitness and weight loss is also good for the poker. More mental than physical but surely it must help and you do tend to see more skinny scandis at final tables than fat yanks. I once remember someone saying they didnt eat for 3 days before a major EPT. Not sure i would go to that extreme but water and rivitas and pasta is ok i guess.

Nominations welcome for Gatsby awards. Anyone done anything major online ? Also what about live . Maybe some heroics down London Town at the Betfair World Series Of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Follow updates by clicking on the link there or on chip logo the right hand side. Who will follow Annette and John to glory this year.

On the football front a rude awakening at Blackpool was followed by a win against Plymouth.
We have one of the most quality line ups in the entire division. But the squad is paper thin and injuries and suspensions could leave us too light during the winter. If nothing else at least we arent looking like going down another division.

Also it was the public service for Sir Bobby Robson today at Durham Cathedral. One of the most loved people in football, widely admired and respected. We will never see the likes of him again. Says it all when one of the best tributes and showing of respect was from our local rivals Sunderland. He will be missed.

Right thats it for now. Going to try and get a game online Tues or Wed and then maybe get down to the pub for the live game on Thursday. Out Friday and maybe Saturday and all of it drinking Orange and Soda. Sick but gotta be done.

Good luck all and thanks as ever for reading.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hitting The Bar

But at least Newcastle United arent :)

Played 1 game Thursday and 1 on Friday. Got in from Fat club on the Thursday (lost 4 lbs) and even walked home too (a good 1.5 miles imo) got in and didnt fancy the pub so settled down and fired up stars for the $3 rebuy $50k gtd (7.15pm start)

Good points
getting deep - finished 22nd of 6,060
enjoyed the game
won $147

bad points
so near but so far
took 6.5 hours to bust
nearly 9k short of what winner got
couldnt break the million chips again (920k was the peak)

Tried again the following night but this time played the 3,600 runner $5 freezeout ($12k gtd) pretty much the same as above finishing 50th of 3600. Would be nice to finally hit a FT but its coming and the break from online poker has got me keen again.

Newcastle are now top of the championship (ok joint top , ok second) after 3 wins on the trot. Forget how many mackems said to me a few weeks with games against WBA, Reading, Sheff Wed and Palace we were nailed on to be bottom. I think not !!!!

The Championship is definately the way forward. Confident players scoring goals, playing as a team and enjoying themselves. Hopefully we can just stay there as the Premiership is fucked.
The top 4 are pretty much set in stone. Man City might break it with the cash but no one else got a prayer. After that 5th - 7th is Uefa Cup but no English team wants to play. They all want to qualify but once they get there they chuck it by playing the kids.

So you have 3 sides trying to win the league
5 sides trying to get top 4
15 sides trying to finish between 8th and 17th
The imaginary thin line between the layers of the premiership is widening so we may as well stay in the Championship wait until everyone else goes bankrupt and then take our place in 5-10 years time :)

Still no full time manager there and arguing with a Newcastle hater at work i said we would one day have a big name again as no one rivals us for big name managers. Has any other club in England been managed by......

2 World Cup Winners (Charlton and Ardiles)
3 European Footballers Of The Year (Keegan, Dalglish , Gullit - Nearly 4 as Shearer was 3rd in 1996 and of course Souness was unlucky to not win despite winning the European Cup 3 times)
1 Greatest Managerial Legend (Sir Bobby Robson)

Apparantly there is an announcement on the clubs future on Monday at 5pm. Prob nothing special. Hope im wrong but Ashley seems convinced to destroy the club and maybe those rumours are true of him supposedly getting slapped at a Spurs vs Newcastle game years ago.

As we approach the end of the month. It will soon be time for the Gatsby awards. So let me know if anyone worthy of one. Done something special online. Hammered the field on the felt.
Let me know. Right thats it for now. Match of the day time.,

Thanks as ever for reading and good luck