Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hitting The Bar

But at least Newcastle United arent :)

Played 1 game Thursday and 1 on Friday. Got in from Fat club on the Thursday (lost 4 lbs) and even walked home too (a good 1.5 miles imo) got in and didnt fancy the pub so settled down and fired up stars for the $3 rebuy $50k gtd (7.15pm start)

Good points
getting deep - finished 22nd of 6,060
enjoyed the game
won $147

bad points
so near but so far
took 6.5 hours to bust
nearly 9k short of what winner got
couldnt break the million chips again (920k was the peak)

Tried again the following night but this time played the 3,600 runner $5 freezeout ($12k gtd) pretty much the same as above finishing 50th of 3600. Would be nice to finally hit a FT but its coming and the break from online poker has got me keen again.

Newcastle are now top of the championship (ok joint top , ok second) after 3 wins on the trot. Forget how many mackems said to me a few weeks with games against WBA, Reading, Sheff Wed and Palace we were nailed on to be bottom. I think not !!!!

The Championship is definately the way forward. Confident players scoring goals, playing as a team and enjoying themselves. Hopefully we can just stay there as the Premiership is fucked.
The top 4 are pretty much set in stone. Man City might break it with the cash but no one else got a prayer. After that 5th - 7th is Uefa Cup but no English team wants to play. They all want to qualify but once they get there they chuck it by playing the kids.

So you have 3 sides trying to win the league
5 sides trying to get top 4
15 sides trying to finish between 8th and 17th
The imaginary thin line between the layers of the premiership is widening so we may as well stay in the Championship wait until everyone else goes bankrupt and then take our place in 5-10 years time :)

Still no full time manager there and arguing with a Newcastle hater at work i said we would one day have a big name again as no one rivals us for big name managers. Has any other club in England been managed by......

2 World Cup Winners (Charlton and Ardiles)
3 European Footballers Of The Year (Keegan, Dalglish , Gullit - Nearly 4 as Shearer was 3rd in 1996 and of course Souness was unlucky to not win despite winning the European Cup 3 times)
1 Greatest Managerial Legend (Sir Bobby Robson)

Apparantly there is an announcement on the clubs future on Monday at 5pm. Prob nothing special. Hope im wrong but Ashley seems convinced to destroy the club and maybe those rumours are true of him supposedly getting slapped at a Spurs vs Newcastle game years ago.

As we approach the end of the month. It will soon be time for the Gatsby awards. So let me know if anyone worthy of one. Done something special online. Hammered the field on the felt.
Let me know. Right thats it for now. Match of the day time.,

Thanks as ever for reading and good luck


AceFilledDreams said...

I have yet to cash in the $3r lol...

If possible can you link up to mynew blog.

Highstack said...


Congrats mate - better than our shite :(

Yorkshire Pud said...

I'm surprised but glad your boys are flying high. I honestly thought you'd struggle with the prima donna stars there but they look like they've booked their ideas up.

If you're staying in the Championship next year and Leeds go uo as expected we'll have to meet for a beer or ten on match day!