Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quiet Week

Very little poker, even less alcohol, Lots of cooking healthy shite and preparation for future meals. If i eat any more pasta i swear i prob start talking Italian (cue all the cockneys saying it would be easier to understand than Geordie)

Been off the cigs now for nearly 9 months so its time to totally hit the fitness, hence the healthy eating and future exercise. Well moderate exercise anyways, taking it slowly and all that.
Watched part of the Great North Run on television on Sunday and it was such a buzz seeing 52,000 do the annual 13 and a bit miles that is Newcastle to South Shields.

Not really motivated to do it as believe it or not i have done it 3 times before.
Once as a fit 19 year old where done it easy with minimal training
Once as fittish 23 year old although we did stop and have a few pints on the way (pound coins in the sock wasnt healthy or clever - anyone ever thinking of doing same. call in pub before hand and pay in advance)
Other time was 26 , still reasonably fit but was running with serious runners and i burnt out too early and ended up hitting the wall and walking the last couple of mile.

What i would like to do one day is the London Marathon. Just to say id done it. One of my mates dads used to do it all the time. He made a bloody fortune for charity too. Its one thing passing the form around work and stuff its another doing the race, then paying for a flight back and getting back home in time to go round local pubs with the bucket.

So thats maybe what i aspire to , a Marathon running god
ok maybe not just fit , overweight rather than fat haha

Im wondering whether increased fitness and weight loss is also good for the poker. More mental than physical but surely it must help and you do tend to see more skinny scandis at final tables than fat yanks. I once remember someone saying they didnt eat for 3 days before a major EPT. Not sure i would go to that extreme but water and rivitas and pasta is ok i guess.

Nominations welcome for Gatsby awards. Anyone done anything major online ? Also what about live . Maybe some heroics down London Town at the Betfair World Series Of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Follow updates by clicking on the link there or on chip logo the right hand side. Who will follow Annette and John to glory this year.

On the football front a rude awakening at Blackpool was followed by a win against Plymouth.
We have one of the most quality line ups in the entire division. But the squad is paper thin and injuries and suspensions could leave us too light during the winter. If nothing else at least we arent looking like going down another division.

Also it was the public service for Sir Bobby Robson today at Durham Cathedral. One of the most loved people in football, widely admired and respected. We will never see the likes of him again. Says it all when one of the best tributes and showing of respect was from our local rivals Sunderland. He will be missed.

Right thats it for now. Going to try and get a game online Tues or Wed and then maybe get down to the pub for the live game on Thursday. Out Friday and maybe Saturday and all of it drinking Orange and Soda. Sick but gotta be done.

Good luck all and thanks as ever for reading.


Gavin said...

I'd like to nominate Steve Holden mate. Does a good blog about the ups and downs of a poker pro and has just won leg of the Coral British Masters. You don't need to post this though mate as its just a nomination :)

PokerLaz said...

Nice post.

Had to just come on and echo your words about Sir Bobby. Truly one of a kind.