Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow is falling all around us

and the country grinds to an effing stop.
God help us if we lived in Russia or Northern Canada.
Done very little as
a) work has been manic
b) been redecorating the flat

So the poker has suffered. I did play the £75 (+£7.50) game on the 4th December having qualified by winning the Jolly Miller pub league. A definate experience. Picked my football coupon and made my way to the Circus.

The other seat winner, Wayne, turned up and we thought it would be good preparation to hit the Fosters lager. We decide to split all winnings 50% each. Checking my coupon at half time and 5 of the teams are at least 2 goals up and the 6th is 0-0. (Mansfield at home to Grays) We get started on the poker and its a disappointing turn out. About 55-60 were expected but 38 was all that turned up. But Circus as ever added 500 in the pot so £3,350 to be played for.

1st hand i get 36o utg and fold . Second hand i get QQ in the Big blind.
Utg limps. Button raises , i reraise. Utg folds and button reraises.
I sit there wondering what the hell to do . Am i walking into bullets or is it an AK and im racing.
Dunno whether 2nd hand or fear of being first out so i tank and then fold. He shows 1 ace but does admit to having other.

Get JJ about 20 mins later on the button. Utg raises , next to act goes all in so i fold. Another caller and we end up with a 3 way all in (although one of them was very low) AA vs QQ vs AK
Bullets hold up but i would have hit a Jack on the turn. FML !!!!

Dunno if i pissed the poker gods off but having being dealt QQ and JJ i didnt get another pair for 3 hours. But it could have been worse. Circus regular called Joe , turns up late and buys in. He joins our table and first hand is all in. KK vs KK . 4 spades on the board give the other guy the nut flush. Sick beat and quickest exit imaginable.

Mansfield drew 0-0 (missed a pen and then in injury time smacked the bar) so worthless bit of paper rather than £400. Our table breaks and i end up on the same table as a manic gambler called Osemi (sorry if wrong) He has a monster stack and is gambling for fun.

In the space of 12 mins he busts 7 players and 3 of those were in 4 hands whilst i was sat there
74o vs AK all in pre
73o vs AQ all in pre
64o vs JJ all in pre

Totally card dead and im trapped as people are raising before me and he is reraising all in every hand. Eventually with 18 left. I Figure AQ in the cut off is ahead of his range. Unfortunately Small blind reraises all in too. Loon duly calls with trash and its my AQ vs AK vs 89
25k pot for the taking and the chance to get back in but im drawing thin
672 flop looks like giving him another lucky draw but then i hit my Queen on the turn.
King on the river kicks me out though. 5.5 hours to get halfway and my footy bet down the swannie too.

I go and have a couple of pints and come back to watch the loon knocking players out quickly. We get to the next break and then we have our final 10. My 50% of Wayne is still alive but only 9 get paid. The play is so slow as no one wants to bubble. So they suggest taking £100 off the winner to give to 10th.

That seems to loosen the action and within 10 mins of the restart there are only 8 left.
We lose a couple more players and talks of a deal start. Chip leader is reluctant to deal but he slowly blows his stack and its him that leaves next.

I look at prize pool and jot some figures down at break. Wayne and another guy are chip leaders so i suggest £590 to them two. £490 to the other three and play out for £100.
Everyone agrees to that and 2 players quickly leave. With 3 fighting it out for nearly 2 hours for the final £100 everyone is knackered by the end but 10 hours after the start its over and the Jolly Miller has been well represented again with the league winner taking it all down.
I said that i would take £290 and leave £300 to Wayne and then if he won the other £100 then only fair he kept it. Thats how it panned out.

So i didnt win anything and my football betting is cursed but swapping % 's is the dogs bollow.
Won £30 on the blackjack and nice to go home and wake up with a massive profit.
Great game and well advised for anyone local to give it a go. Circus also do a £50 first Tuesday of the month game with £500 added so get yourself along.

Because of work and decorating thats about my poker lot. Didnt even make it to the Miller for the Thursday games. Will hopefully be there Boxing day though. So thats it for now. New post in the New Year for 2009 Gatsby awards so to finish i would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a profitable New Year.


rubbish said...

Merry Xmas to you as well mate. All the best.

TEAMDOBB said...

getting there on the live scene m8 slow but sure

Merry crimbo n all the best for New Year

Yorkshire Pud said...

Happy Christmas to you too sir.

Snow here in Huddersfield has been mental, we had 5 inches in an hour on Sunday and it took me 3.5 hours to do a 20 mile trip!

Ah feck, it's coming down again now too. FML!

Mr Origami said...

Have a good 'un Gats :)