Monday, October 18, 2010

Hola - Summer, Footy, Hols and Stufff

Hallo anyone still checking this blog out.
Its been a long time and its also been difficult to find the time to post never mind hit the tables.
As you will have seen from previous posts i spent my hols in Spain. I had booked in advance and was due to come back the week before the World Cup Final but with England doing crap and the chance to extend stay for next to nowt (Flight change was only £20) i thought sod it. Stay and be a true Spanish supporter on World Cup Final night.

Absolutely mental is pretty much the way to describe it. In the old town a giant screen was erected (phnarr, phnarr) near the bull ring and thousands descended to watch the game in a party atmosphere that was no doubt recreated all over Spain.

When Iniesta scored it was chaotic and the scenes around were a joy to witness. Hopefully will see it for real one day in England but i doubt it. Also whilst i was in Spain i turned 40 and we had a party in the local chinese as the majority of expats and residents joined us into the early hours of the morning.

When i got back i had my 2nd birthday celebrations as me and my mates headed down to Doncaster for the weekend. We were originally going to York but there was a big race meeting on and we couldnt get all 12 of us booked up in hotel so decided another venue. Doncaster was picked (as a lazy option purely as its the next train stop after York) and despite most people i asked saying they didnt fancy it or wouldnt go back it turned out to be a cracking weekend.

I then got back to work and get used to the rain and the cold again. One cold rainy morning and i thought sod this and booked back up to go back to Spain again so ended up going there for another couple of weeks at the end of August.

Got back again in England and for the final birthday celebrations of the year (for those that werent in Spain or Donny) we spent the Sunday before August Bank Holiday on an all day session in Low Fell and a good day was had.

Since then its been pretty much work and more work. Used up a lot of annual leave and a couple of favours so the odd weekend has been spent at work too. Also because im doing dayshift at the moment (8-4) i cant play poker still stupid o'clock and get up fresh in the morning so i neglected the old online world for a bit. I also had a few dates with an ex girlfriend so the one day i could have a lie in the next day i wasnt playing poker. But as much as shes a nice girl its not something i want to commit to long term.

Anyways why back. Well for one looking to fill some time in. The dieting went absolutely during the summer. Beer and Pizza and Steaks arent good so have rejoined WeightWatchers. This time im also doing the gym and have found this to be a useful combination as at present ive lost 32 lbs in 5 weeks. Ok lot to lose and first bit going to come off quick its a nice start.

So Gym and WW along with footy fills a bit of time in but im now only going to go out once a week max. Also learning Spanish at a college on Tuesday nights so need to have fun again that doesnt involve eating or drinking so poker is back on the agenda for those cold dark winter nights. Still not sure where to play as havent found a new spiritual home since Crypto finished.
I also have to rebuild the bankroll as it subsidised the summer. But its small stakes fun rather than living the dream so will see how it goes.

Im out the loop with recent goings on in the poker world. Does anyone still play, most colleagues or mates i talk to tend to have not bothered for a while. Is the game getting harder to beat or are people just chucking it more for there sanity. It is nice to have a break and hopefully playing fresh and for fun it will be a buzz again.

Re the Gatsby awards as said im out the loop a bit so going to have a nose around and see whats been going down and maybe post them later in the week. But for now im off to the tables to see if i can min wage for an hour or so :)

Good luck and thanks for reading and i do promise to update more now that im back.


Gavin said...

Nice 2 see your back posting mate and seems like you've been busy. The Super Series is still on WillHill so might be a starting point for you. GL

Yorkshire Pud said...

Welcome back Mr G and best of luck with the WW thing. I've started counting my points on a daily basis to try and shift some timber, two days in and all is well but fuck me, what i wouldn't do for a pork pie!

Wildcat said...

Welcome back, sounds like you had a great time!

rubbish said...

Sounds like a good summer. All the best mate.

FreeforAll said...

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seanb said...

32lb in 5 weeks! That's pretty good going.

kinghawko said...

Alreet scum!

Amatay said...

u alive?

TEAMDOBB said...

welcome back Paul